jumping jet skimmer

Unique and innovative, the newest Jumping jets Skimmer from EDEN brings dynamic water effects in combination with LED technology right next to your home garden or pool, and create a personal oasis of relaxation and lively water & light effects. Suitable for all ponds and swimming pools as water skimmer to clean small particles of dirt (such as small leaves or insects) and to give your garden a unique impression of movement combined with light.
Developed with an electronic micro processor which enable the 3 pumps nozzles to create a series of jumping jets effects along with 12V high performances LED lights. The pump nozzles can moreover be adjusted by rotation in order to create different water effects according to customer’ s needs. Equipped with 3 Eden 109 pumps, having an extremely lower consumption, also in 12V and integrated in each LED light, and with a 30VA (30W) transformer (supplied) for utmost safety, especially in swimming pools, where children can enjoy the amusing jumping jets effects, even during night swimming.
The skimmer can be installed to float up in the pond or pool, thus creating a more attractive moving effect, or be fixed on the ground by means of lugs. A filter foam for pond or pool filtration can be easily removed for immediate cleaning. Supplied with 8m long line cord to transformer for outdoor use. Also available with a built-in on/off switch off on line cord to transformer to give the customer the chance to change the jumping jet sequence as desired. High quality LED lights are developed for long life and to ensure always a pleasant white illumination.
Extremely easy maintenance and appealing design which enable the installation even in small places.