The External Filter Eden 522, together with its younger brother 521, complete the range EDEN’s Canister filters for aquarium. Supplied with complete intake systems, hoses and connecting elbows with a spray-bar for a better oxygen exchange at the water surface, or with a flow deflector to adjust water direction, they can be used in both fresh water or marine tanks. Their unique and reduced design allow an easy installation at the side or behind the tank in case of very reduced space available in small houses or flats. The motors are completely sealed and thermal-protected, developed with the well-known quietness during operation, along with reliability, lower power consumption, thus offering any fish keeper the ideal performance of a proper filtration.
A most unique feature of the 500 range is the hose removal device, with an integrated flow control system which makes the installation extremely simple and cleaning a very safe process, as there is no risk of pouring water on the floor during maintenance. The facilitated filter head opening make these filters among the most reliable and safe on the marketplace.
Equipped with a doubled filtering system and very effective biological stage, they are self-priming by means of the cap used to fill the chamber. Vibrations are at minimum due to the four rubber feet at the bottom of the filter container which also offer major stability and quietness avoiding direct contact with surfaces on which they are placed. A compact and room-saving design make these filters the most wanted and used by expert fish keepers worldwide.